Updated: 10/05/2023

Full-Stack React Developer

Web Developer looking for a remote position with a great work environment that's all about helping each other grow

My Stack: T3

  • React
  • Next
  • Typescript
  • Tailwind CSS
  • tRPC

What I do

  • ⚡ Full Stack Web Development
  • 💪 Image Hosting Solutions
  • 💥 Search Engine Optimization
  • 💎 Shopify E-commerce Solutions
  • 👨‍🎤 Stripe Payment Integration
  • 🦄 Website Maintenance and Support
  • 🚀 Blog Creation and Management
  • 🎨 Static Website Development
  • 🤔 Google AdSense Integration
man coding on a laptop

About Me

Full Stack Web Developer

I'm a passionate coder residing in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Over the years, I've embarked on a journey that combines my coding skills with entrepreneurial flair. Through my dedication, I've created a collection of influential blogs that not only share valuable insights but also generate income through strategic ad placements.

My expertise in full-stack web application development has allowed me to craft revenue-generating web apps, each tailored to meet specific industry needs. These applications not only reflect my technical proficiency but also contribute to a diverse stream of income.

In addition to my digital ventures, I've ventured into the world of e-commerce, proudly operating a successful Shopify store. Here, I offer a range of captivating products that have captured the attention of a wide audience.