Updated: 10/05/2023

A Black Kat's Voice Brand Website

Project: A Black Kat's Voice Brand Website

A brand website for the A Black Kat's Voice Podcast . Featuring smooth animations and a polished layout. Built with Astro, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Astro HTML CSS Typescript

A Black Kat’s Voice Brand Website

Visit the live website =>


A brand website built with Astro that provides a sleek, eye-catching and captivating design for displaying social media links as well as product banners. Features lightning fast load times, SEO best practices and a mobile responsive layout.

Key Points:

  1. Custom AI Generated artwork edited and refined with Photoshop
  2. Shareable Open Graph and Twitter Cards (sharing on social media will display a card with a custom image, title and description)
  3. Animations with GreenSock’s GSAP Library
  4. Polished presentation on all screen sizes (mobile responsive)