Updated: 10/05/2023


Project: Breadit

A Reddit clone built with Nextjs 13 that features image uploads, a rich text editor, infinite scrolling and a comment section.

Next React TailwindCSS Typescript Prisma OAuth


Visit the live demo website =>


Breadit is a clone of the popular social media website Reddit. Just like Reddit, users of Breadit can engage in discussions, share content, and discover information on a wide range of topics. Simply log in using your Google account and you can start a community around a topic and share information by writing posts using a feature rich text editor.

Key Features:

  1. Posts support image uploads, link sharing, embedding twitter posts, etc.
  2. A search bar for searching for created communities
  3. Log in with your Google account thanks to OAuth
  4. Infinite scrolling

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Key Features Continued:

  1. Replying to posts
  2. Voting for posts